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Non-Disclosure Agreements and Non-Compete Clauses in Arizona


Many employment contracts contain non-disclosure agreements and non-compete clauses in the restrictive covenants.  It may be tempting to sign whatever contract is presented to you when you are accepting a new job.  However, take the time to understand what you are agreeing to and what restrictions it may place on you in the future. The [...]

Understanding Legal Issues with HOAs in Arizona: Your Rights Matter


The last thing a homeowner wants to encounter are legal issues with a homeowners’ association (HOA) in Arizona. Unfortunately, these kinds of things can and do happen. Things can go wrong more often than you may suspect. As a homeowner who contributes to an HOA in your community, you have a variety of rights granted [...]

Arizona Foreclosure Law


Unfortunately, foreclosure is a frightening reality.  It can be much more stressful and frustrating when you don’t understand the process or recognize that you do have legal rights if you are facing foreclosure in Arizona.  You have rights.  You can regain control.  If you believe the foreclosure is in error or you feel you can [...]