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Meet The Founders

Meet the founders of MacQueen & Gottlieb, PLC., Patrick MacQueen and Benjamin Gottlieb. Patrick is a tried-and- true real estate attorney with expertise handling a broad range of real estate transactional, land use, and real estate litigation matters. Benjamin is a proven trial litigator with a successful track record who practices in the areas of real estate litigation, real estate transactions, commercial, and civil litigation.

M&G News

On June 6, 2017, attorney Patrick R. MacQueen argued an important case before the Court of Appeals involving real estate issues and the legal doctrine of duress. The Court of Appeals took the matter under advisement. A video recording of the Oral Argument can be viewed HERE.

In a 3 day jury trial concluding on December 7, 2016, attorney Benjamin L. Gottlieb prevailed on behalf of his clients in a Quiet Title / Adverse Possession lawsuit, where the jury ruled in favor of Mr. Gottlieb’s clients thereby quieting title in their favor. In addition, the Court awarded the clients reimbursement of their attorneys’ fees and costs for having prevailed in the quiet title action.

In 2015, Benjamin successfully handled a 3 day jury trial involving a hotly-contested real estate dispute. The opposing party appealed, and recently Benjamin argued the case before the court of appeals. The video of the oral argument can be accessed here, Video of Oral Argument, and the court of appeals’ ruling, affirming the trial court’s ruling can be accessed here: Court of Appeal’s Memorandum Decision


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